“With a voice like silk and a pen that has certainly laid the groundwork, Elysse has made quite the impression with the release of debut single 'Eve' – a fluid and surrealist composition.” —The 405

“Brooklyn’s Elysse knows how to make an entrance.” —Indie Current

“With a hazy, cinematic approach, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Elysse’s debut single “Eve” slinks along with smart, sexy, smooth seduction.” —Soul Bounce

“Elysse shines on her silky smooth debut single, Eve – merging her downright luxurious vocal with some exquisitely plush production.” —Crack In The Road

“With panning sounds of a possible Mars mission, dark-toned guitars, and the lagging walk of the bass, it’s the bright voice guiding it (into almost an orchestral big band feel) that makes this debut so raw and worth every gram of its weight in genre redefinition.” —Elevtrtrax

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